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So is a tattoo school better than getting an apprenticeship? Well the short answer is no, if possible you should always get an apprenticeship in a tattoo studio but in reality getting an apprenticeship is near to impossible these days. So why is it so hard to get an apprenticeship? It just seems because tattooing is so popular these days that studios don’t have the time or patience to teach people to learn how to tattoo, and with this being the case then what do aspiring tattoo artists do to get involved in the tattoo industry.

This is where a tattoo school comes in, these are places that offer tattoo courses to teach people to learn how to tattoo, students usually complete a 2 week course and go through all the subjects needed to be able to tattoo to a very high standard. I don’t think taking a 2 week course can compare to doing an apprenticeship at a studio but these courses do teach you everything needed to tattoo, you even do your first tattoo on a friend at the end of the course so you go through the whole process of tattooing.

Once you have completed the course at the tattoo school are you really ready to go out and tattoo people and customers, well it really depends on the individual and how they feel they progressed on the course. Some students will feel they can go and tattoo easily and have no problem whatsoever some will feel they need a bit more training and would like to practice more before they start tattooing customers, this is where you can see the big difference between a tattoo school and doing an apprenticeship you have the time to build up your confidence whilst doing an apprentice and can then tattoo customers when you are ready.

As we know getting an apprenticeship is difficult to get so doing a tattoo course is probably your best option and if you choose a good credible tattoo school then you shouldn’t have any problems building up the confidence you need to tattoo, a good tutor will have you tattooing the correct way in no time at all, so even though a tattoo school isn’t better than an apprenticeship it’s defiantly a great way to learn how to tattoo.